Blue World City

With all the social pitches that hotels are making, it should be no great surprise that there is fierce competition among them to draw in a steadily increasing number of guests. They create new guidelines for attracting people when it’s all said and done. Bahria Town and DHA are among the important names that are included. Expanding these societal demands significantly boosts the nation’s economy and serves as a draw for tourists from abroad. These social requests are every effort to provide people with the workplaces, conditions, and air they require.

A residential development called Blue World City Islamabad is located not far from the planned Rawalpindi ring road. The Blue Group of Companies is the sponsor, working with the Chinese company Shan Jian Municipal Engineering. The RDA has given the project planning approval. The project has officially opened for reservations, and several residential and commercial property plots are offered on a specific payment schedule. Standard facilities and amenities are provided for inhabitants’ comfort in the undeveloped region. Access to the surrounding region is made possible through Chakri Road.


Hundreds of homes comprise this neighborhood, which received formal approval in 2018. The massive housing development of Blue World City offers many chances for investors to quickly quadruple the value of their investments as well as for inhabitants to live the lifestyle of their dreams. The Pakistan-China Friendship Project is another name for the residential neighborhood next to the new airport. This urban project’s planned route is extremely near the Rawalpindi Ring Road and CPEC Road.


Location is the most significant component in real estate investing. Veteran real estate investors always like working in the industry and want to spend their money where they are confident it will result in a positive return. The Blue World City, situated on the main route from Chakri to Moza Sihal, is separated into four major twin projects in the city. BWC is situated near CPEC Road, Chakri Interchange, and New Islamabad International Airport on the Islamabad Highway, which is on the outskirts of Lahore.

With adequate room to create access to all major roads in the future, the developers of Blue World City intend to establish a project for more than 6,600 Canadians in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. You may easily access the city’s website and maps, and you can download its map online. The only residential construction in the vicinity that is near the upcoming Rawalpindi ring road is BWC. A 66-kilometer project called the Rawalpindi Ring Road would link GT Road from Rawat with the New Islamabad Highway and Sangjani Toll Plaza. Along the Rawalpindi Ring Road, the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) intends to create several SEZs (Special Economic Zones). This indicates that the Blue World City in Islamabad will become one of the communities closest to the exchange after the development of the Rawalpindi ring road is finished. The BWC is adjacent to Qurtaba Township’s smart capital city and the Eighteen Islamabad, in addition to the main gate. The Blue World City will be one of Islamabad’s largest residential societies, according to its location and map.

Payment Plan Blue World City

The Waterfront neighborhood is in its early stages of development. Therefore costs are relatively modest, making now the ideal moment to invest there. The first down payment is 10%, and the confirmation fee is 5%. For the convenience of the investors, Blue World City is offering a 4-year simple payment plan with 40 monthly installments.


With the assistance of famous designers, the area will be built amidst the captivating vistas of aquatic bodies, as its name indicates. The following characteristics will be present:

  • Outdoor Movies
  • Aquatic Fountain
  • Drinking Belts
  • Club for Water Sports
  • The stroll
  • Gated neighborhood
  • Floating Dining Room
  • Food and Water Street
  • Exceptional Infrastructure



Your anxieties will be calmed, and your eyes will be kept cool by the water flowing from the waterfalls’ heights. There is an echo of excitement in the air, along with the sound of the waterfalls. The Water Activities Club, located in the Water District, is a comprehensive adventure center where sports like polo, fishing, water scootering, and rafting are organized in a perfectly safe setting by known specialists.


It will be a walking path that will highlight the neighborhood’s charm. The stroll and the distance to the water sports club go by like a lovely dream.



 Shopping at the first waterside shopping mall of its kind in Pakistan will be an incredibly wonderful experience. This international standard shopping mall will amaze its visitors.



 The outdoor cinema in the bank of the water entertainment will be a new experience. While watching your favorite movie, you will also enjoy the beauty of the water. So a huge entertainment is waiting for you.



 To enjoy your favorite food is a memorable moment with your loved ones. A cup of coffee at the Floating Restaurant in the middle of Lake will be enough to quench your day’s fatigue.



The primary justification for investing in this program is the Blue Group of Companies’ impressive track record and the knowledge and reliability of the city’s owners. Furthermore, it is the first Chinese investment in a real estate project in Pakistan and was planned, constructed, and developed with the assistance of a Chinese business. As was already said, it is situated in a fantastic area with all the major cities and sites close by. Additionally, this city is adjacent to the CPEC Route, which will significantly contribute to the region’s socioeconomic growth and offer a wealth of commercial prospects. The World’s Tallest Horse Mascot, A Grand Mosque inspired by the large Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, Burj-ul-Arab, Asia’s Largest Water Theme Park, and Oxygen Park are just a few of the fascinating attractions making it a luxurious place to live.

Additionally, all the basic and advanced facilities mentioned above are available, making it a luxurious place to live. Additionally, sensible payment options are offered, along with economical costs. Additionally, it is reasonable to claim that the investment in this residential project entails securing significant profit margins and will always be successful and behave well even during periods of economic crisis.