Lahore Smart City

The outstanding residential construction of Lahore Smart City combines smart features with technology and sustainable advancements, creating a lasting legacy for improvement. You are brought on a tour of the world’s natural and manufactured wonders by Lahore Smart City. Magnificent architecture, beautiful cities, smart living, modern infrastructure, cutting-edge town planning, layout, and civil engineering are some of the building components. It is slated to become the second smart city in Pakistan.

The proposed big real estate project, Lahore Smart City, will be built amid the growing urban environment of Punjab’s provincial capital. The project, which is expected to be a clever and creative endeavor, will be situated in a great area of the city and provide a wide variety of residential plots and the best society amenities to go!



Lahore Smart City will be the second project of its kind in Pakistan and the fifth of its sort in Asia, thanks to its many fascinating features. The project will also be the largest eco-friendly endeavor in the city, drawing on the building components of current real estate projects. It is ready for the stake-holding aspirations of both genuine purchasers and investors.

Lahore Smart City is essentially a project that came about as a consequence of a partnership between Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited and Future Holding Developments (FHD). A Singapore-based consulting firm is presently drafting the project’s master plan.

This great residential initiative’s standout qualities include the following:

  • A communal lifestyle.
  • Modern infrastructure and architecture.
  • Top-notch urban facilities.
  • Strict international standards in all project design and development aspects.

The site of the Lahore Smart City is near Kala Shah Kaku on the Lahore Bypass, which is easily accessible from the major GT Road, the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2), and the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway (M-11). The project’s location is further enhanced because it can be reached through the Lahore Ring Road, making it accessible from all main areas of the city.


The Lahore Smart City master plan was created to create a high-level urbanized initiative, a residential society with cost-effective but efficient living quarters and cutting-edge, customer-driven amenities.

The “Executive Block” and the “Overseas Block” are the two blocks that will make up the development, according to the project plan. Residential plots of 5, 10, and 20 Marlas will be present in each of these portions.

The Overseas Block, as its name suggests, will exclusively cater to the investment needs of Pakistanis living overseas, while the Executive Block will provide exclusive property ownership chances for sincere buyers and investors staying in the nation.


The availability of every development feature in this enormous prospective project will be based on the concept of “smart development.” No matter whatever conceivable amenity is included in the project plan, the developers will work to reinvent it by utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide the inhabitants with the best possible levels of comfort, convenience, and elegance.

Lahore Smart City aims to deliver a cutting-edge residential living experience built on an effective fusion of the following:

  • Quick traffic control
  • Controlling air pollution
  • Supply of educational facilities
  • Network of Things (IoT)
  • Electromagnetic emissions that are under control
  • Wise health
  • Thoughtful shopping
  • A clever environment
  • Smart houses and structures
  • Management of public safety
  • Clever energy
  • Water and gas leak detection
  • Water quality control
  • Handling of waste
  • Shrewd parking
  • Intelligent streetlights
  • Facilities for recharging electric vehicles

Residents may also anticipate a wide selection of additional urban facilities created to provide them with an unmatched daily living experience. These include the upkeep of a safe, neighborhood-centered way of life, cutting-edge infrastructure, stunning architecture, parks & playgrounds, medical facilities, educational facilities, essential services, sports areas, shopping malls, swimming pools, lovely walking trails, a “financial square” compound, crystalline lakes, mosques, accessibility to the BRT system, an aviation point, and much more.


An excellent project is Executive Block. It blends seamlessly with the homes and villas. A safe and secure environment for families, with maintenance and surveillance options accessible every day of the year. With a dynamic lifestyle that encompasses a warm environment, amenities, healthcare, food and refreshments, shopping, and recreational spaces, this location will rank among the most in-demand locations to live. All residential plots, villas, healthcare facilities, retail establishments, educational institutions, mosques, and hospitality areas will be located in this block. Modern architecture and smart home features will be featured in the villas.


A multipurpose sports area that satisfies international standards is called Sports District. By merging residential, recreational, sporting, and leisure sectors, it produces a unique civilization. It was created keeping famous stadiums and huge sports venues in mind. It has a sports complex that meets international standards and a mall with sporting goods. The neighborhood offers a variety of housing choices, from villas that blend perfectly with the landscape to flats. Stadiums for football and cricket, apartment buildings, a racetrack, and a shopping district will all be included.


For the Muslim community, a particular architectural design represents their beliefs and solidarity. The main mosque will be present (Grand Jamia Mosque). Mosques for each sector will be present.


According to the project information that is currently accessible, Lahore Smart City’s formal debut is still a few weeks away. Pre-launch reservations at introductory pricing are now made available by the developer, but only for a select few plots.

The membership cost is PKR 12,000 for 5-marla plots, PKR 15,000 for 10-marla and 20-marla (1-Kanal) units. According to the developer, the project’s development costs would be roughly PKR 100,000 per Marla and will be due when the plot is taken ownership of. Commercial properties would also be introduced later, according to the proposals.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this profitable investment opportunity in Lahore if you were astounded by the success of Capital Smart City Islamabad. If you are a sincere buyer, this is unquestionably your ticket to living a chic and cutting-edge lifestyle in the middle of the metropolis.